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Kian Torimi


Kian has been a real estate investor for over a decade. He has an extensive knowledge of the real estate investment field and can help you achieve your goals. Kian is a creative solution finder, which has greatly benefited his clients.

Kian moved to Utah in 2006 to attend graduate school at the University of Utah. He graduated with a Master of Science in Bioengineering and Neuroscience. His research focused on microstimulation of the visual cortex and evoking visual perceptions to develop a visual prosthetic system that will help the blind see. 

Kian spent over a decade leading the Blackrock Neurotech’s neuroscience research market, providing innovative tools and neurotech expertise to translate technology into novel, implantable clinical solutions that improve human lives. Blackrock’s precision electrode technology is at the core of many worldwide Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) innovations, which has enabled BCI Pioneers to walk, talk, see, hear, and feel again.

Kian is an avid mountain biker and skier and off-grid camper. He lives in Canyon Cove with his wife and two sons. 


Kian joined The Group in 2022 as our newest team member.