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Christina Pellegrino

Marketing Manager

Chris enjoyed growing up on historic Long Island, New York. She would earn a BA in Studio Art with a concentration in Art History from the University College at Oneonta in rural upstate New York. There she trained in the classic disciplines of printmaking, serigraphy, oil/water color painting and sculpture. After graduation Chris apprenticed in an art/frame shop enhancing her understanding of design, tools and materials. Together with her husband, she has traveled extensively by motorcycle throughout the United States and Europe. They settled in Salt Lake City within easy reach of the stunning mountains and National Parks of the American West.

Chris is a working artist and shows in a local gallery but for the most part, her career has been commercial art lending her unique vision to refined design and quality marketing presentation. She was proud to work for Ramsey Group Real Estate for 25 years and after their close, was delighted to be invited to join Richard Lockwood and the professionals at The Group. In addition to the arts, Chris enjoys gardening and has a special affection for animals. Her love of community has her lending her talents to various charities whenever time permits.