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Stacey O'Neil


Stacey’s optimism and dedication to the local community are what makes  her a fantastic real estate professional. She has a genuine appreciation of Salt Lake’s beauty and has enjoyed sharing it with local and out-of-state Buyers over the past 18 years.

Stacey grew up in Salt Lake City. After graduating with a degree in Family  and Consumer Studies, she worked in retail sales for 12 years. Once she perfected her marketing skills in the world of retail, Stacey became a REALTOR. Over the past 18 years, she has been devoted to her clients real estate needs. Stacey’s positive energy and knowledge of the Salt Lake market have kept Buyers and Sellers excited about each transaction.

Stacey is passionate about the outdoors and being active with family and friends.  Stacey is also an avid tennis player and enthusiast. Enjoys volunteering in her son’s classroom and being involved with the Rowland Hall Community.  She loves to entertain, enjoys the study and practice of “mindfulness” and football…GO UTES!